1. Runners must have their numbers on the front of their shirts.
  2. All runners must run facing traffic on the Lake side of the road. No crossing the street. Please run on the side of the road, not in the traffic lane.
  3. Follow all traffic rules. The course is not closed to traffic, so you must be careful of cars coming out of driveways and streets. The Highway Patrol will be aiding our event. They do give tickets.
  4. If your team changes runners during a leg, drops out or has any problems, please go to the next hand-off zone and report to the volunteers. We need to know where you are.
  5. Be alert on blind curves, hills, and especially in towns.
  6. Do not cheat. Make sure your team really fits into the division they are assigned. Please let us know if you have a problem.
  7. Parking is very important. Please follow the volunteers and park accordingly.
  8. Start/Finish: Please park in the large parking area near Lakeview Commons.
  9. Have fun, be safe and follow the rules….it will be a GREAT experience.