Where is registration?

Registration will be held at the Lakeview Social at 3135 Harrison Ave on Friday the day before the event from 2-8pm.

Does the race provide transportation to each leg?

No. The logistics of transporting 700 runners makes the cost prohibitive. Besides part of the fun is being together with your team.

Does the race provide water?

No. Each team must provide their own water….with the altitude you need a lot!

Do we have to pass a baton?

No. Just a hand touch within the handoff zone.

Are the handoff zones marked?

Yes. There will be timers and flags at each zone.

What about bathrooms?

There are 2 port-a-potties at the start/finish.

Where do the profits from the race go?

We are a Non-Profit organization. All proceeds go towards CAF / Operation Rebound, Semper Fi, Gold Star Families and school programs to help educate and “Prevent Obesity in Youth”.

Are shirts included in the entry fee?

Yes, if entry fee is postmarked by May 15th. We will also have some extras on race day available at the start/finish line.

“Does the Race have a Sponsor?

No! We have tried to find a sponsor, but haven’t found one yet that fits with our family’s philosophy. We want this to be a fund raiser for schools and have a hometown feeling. Of course this means we work harder for less.

Do the Volunteers have a great time?

You bet! We have the happiest volunteers around. Some have been helping for 40 years.

What is the refund/transfer policy?

Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.