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Depending on your age in the movie the Magnificent Seven either Sam Chisholm or Chris Adams recruits six desperados to defeat the evil gunslinger. Even though there isn’t an evil cowboy to fight there is a 72-mile adventure to be tackled as part of the Lake Tahoe Relay.

Introducing the Lake Tahoe Relay – Team Finder

We heard your calls to find teams to join and decided for this year to create a digital community via a Facebook Group to help:

  • Teams to post that they are looking for runners
  • Runners to post they are looking for teams

This sounds cool, so how do I join?

Step One: Login into Facebook and join Facebook Group

Visit the Lake Tahoe Relay – Team Finder Facebook group to join the group.

Step Two: Fill out your contact information

If you’re a team captain:

Click on “Sell Something” tab and enter the following:

  • Team name: Sample Team
  • Location to train: South Lake Tahoe
  • How many team members needed: 6
  • Preferred Age Range: 35 – 60
  • Preferred Gender: Both
  • Preferred Pace: 12:00 – 14:00 min / mile
  • Comments: Looking for runners that are more about the experience and less about pushing. A relaxed atmosphere is our focus for our team.

If you’re a runner looking for a team:

Click on “Sell Something” tab and enter the following:

  • Start with in the description (ISO) ISO: A Team in Bay Area SAMPLE
  • Location to train: Bay Area
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Preferred Pace: 13:00 min / mile
  • Comments: Looking for a team that is chill and all about running the Lake Tahoe Relay. Down to train by myself and do a couple of meetups before the race as team building.

Step Three: Find your team or team members

Alrighty now that you’ve entered information start reaching out to other people that have posted that might fit your running style.

Step Four: Mark your entry as SOLD

You’ve found your team or runners to join your crew so be sure to mark your entry as SOLD. This will make sure that you don’t riddle the Facebook group with “gunk.”

Happy Hunting!