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When TV shows, news stations, and nearly every media outlet focuses on the negative, sometimes you need to find an oasis of positivity. Political stance aside, uplifting sports stories are a way for all of us to find inspiration in these trying times. This is where the movie McFarland, USA comes in and the Real McFarland USA.

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes

Imagine growing up in a place where there was no hope or feeling of a way out. The only options were to become a produce farm worker or the worst of options – turn to crime. In a mainly Latino farming community between Fresno and Bakersfield, a man by the name of White realizes that his students were incredibly strong runners. With his guidance, the team goes onto win not one state title but ELEVEN! If that wasn’t enough, the cross-country team also gave its members an opportunity to escape poverty and be the first in their families to go to college or into military careers. This strong team tradition has continued with some of its former members still attending practice even after college graduation as well as some becoming coaches.

The Real McFarland USA team comes to the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay

So how does this intertwine with the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay? After watching this film, we came to realize that this celebrated team from McFarland High School has been coming to our event since the 90’s to help train and build camaraderie. We felt humbled and proud to hear that they’ve been coming for so long and want them to continue racing with us, but every year it’s a financial challenge for them.

Donate to High School Teams to Come Race in Tahoe

We don’t do this event to make money but instead to keep the tradition alive. After hearing how important our race is for the McFarland team, we thought “Why not help them come up here?” But then thinking even wider… “Why not help ANY financially challenged high school so they can all come up to Tahoe and race in our event?” It’s a no-brainer! But of course, we need your help! Interested in donating a few bucks to a great cause? Drop a message to Sean at to see how you can make a difference!