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  • First, I must first thank all the volunteers who made this event happen!
  • Second, I must thank all the teams who supported the event because it wouldn’t happen without the people who want to run around beautiful Lake Tahoe.
  • Third, I must thank my family who supports me and works their asses off make the event happen (Cara, Leyton, Tinley and Rorie).
  • The comradery and support of all teams and competitors this year was the best I’ve ever seen, thanks to all of you for competing and supporting one another. It was amazing to watch.
  • I would like to thank Marcus Slack from Slack Media for providing amazing pictures and video again this year.
  • Thanks to Sean Cummings the bag piper for coming out again and blowing his pipes!!!
  • Number of teams – 45 with 2 teams not starting.
  • Team break down – Men’s Open (5), Men’s masters 40+ (2), Men’s Masters 50+ (1), Men’s Masters 60+ (1), Women’s Open – (2), Women’s Masters 40+ (4), Mixed Open (18), Mixed Masters (1), Corporate (3), High School Boys (2), High School Girls (1), High School Mixed (2), 2 Person (1).
  • We had 17 teams start early this year at 6am.
  • Congratulations, all the teams finished the event by 8pm! We had 1 team come in just before the cut off.
  • West Valley Men’s Open won for the 3rd straight year 7:26.41
  • We had 2 course records – Men’s Masters (50+) – West Valley Track Club 7:57.06 Women’s Masters (40+) – Impala Racing 8:47.53
  • We had only the second team to finish the 2-person relay – Team Thanks Abby and Suzi – (Conor Hussey and Ken Shimizu) 11:34.54. Both couples are getting married in the next 2 months and are both best men in each other’s weddings.
  • We had a few teams competing for their first time and some for their 20+ years at the Lake Tahoe Relay.
  • Monache High School Boys team finished 4th overall 8:11.57 with just 5 runners – second year in a row we’ve had a high school boys’ team finish 4th, last year it was Fresno High School Boys.
  • We had competitors from 18 different states competing this year, amazing!
  • There are 4 clubs that bring multiple teams – West Valley Track Club (4 teams), Fleet Feet Racing (3 teams), DHO’s (2 teams) and Kiewit (2 teams) every year, thanks.
  • The DeCelle family attended this year after retiring from the race 10 years ago. It was great to have 50+ family members back in Lake Tahoe running and watching the event.
  • It’s just about time to start planning the 61st Lake Tahoe Relay and are looking for sponsors for next year – Beer, Medals, Shirts and Title. If you know of anyone companies or individuals who would like to help support the race so we can continue hosting this amazing event, please contact us.

The Sweeney Family and friends are so grateful to have all of you support the event by signing up and racing with us.  It’s a unique event with a ton of history and we do our best to continue it each year.  We make mistakes and hope to learn from them to make the race better next time.  We hope to see all of you June 7th, 2025, at Lakeview Commons for the 61st running of the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay.

Sean Sweeney (Race Director)