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If you haven’t noticed races have gotten a little more crowded. Sign-ups to iconic races like the NYC & San Francisco Marathons have become more competitive. And a little less homey. For 2021, why not try one of the most iconic, most historic, and one of the most fun relay races in the US – the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay.

What Makes Ours The Best Race In The US

Lake Tahoe Relay

Photo by: First Tracks Productions

Some races might say they have history. Others may brag about the views. But none of them come even close to the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay. From being the OLDEST relay race in America to actual OLYMPIANS running it to prepare for the Olympics the stories about it are endless. Finally, throw in the most beautiful alpine lake in the world filled with endless views and you got yourself what we consider to be the best race in the US.

Not Your Typical Hum Drum Half-Marathon

One of the best things about running is you can do it yourself… and one of the worst things about it is team camaraderie is missing when you race. Well, the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay isn’t your typical hum drum half-marathon or race. It’s bigger than one person. In fact, it has a BIG goal to accomplish. You and six amazing runners have to run around the ENTIRE length of Lake Tahoe. What this does is introduce things like strategy and overall party atmosphere like nothing out there.

Don’t Believe Us?

For those that need a bit more coaxing or just need some help on recruiting a friend then be sure to check out this video. If this doesn’t make you want to sign up today… I don’t know what will.