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We have great news to share with you all! After months of hard-work and planning with the many local municipalities, it’s official the 2022 Lake Tahoe Relay Race is a go! The 58th running of the DeCelle Memorial is back and bigger than ever.

Thank You For Your Patience

First of all, we can’t say thank you enough to all of you for your patience over the past few years. It was a challenging time to be a host of an event. When each summer past without our fun gathering, it left a hole in our heart. We can’t be more excited to welcome you back and toast with us afterwards. So, to show you how excited we are for you to join us this year, we’re offering a one-time special of $150 off your 2020 registration!

How do I get my $150 off?

  1. Visit the Lake Tahoe Relay registration page here and REGISTER by Monday, February 14th – 11:59 PM PST!
  2. Enter the Coupon Code ITS BACK and you’re in! GOOD LUCK!

If you’ve already pre-registered for the 2020 event, just visit the registration page and lookup your team’s name. Once you fill in the information your credit will be applied to the 2022 race.

Looking for a team or team members?

54th annual Lake Tahoe Relay race checkin at Revive Coffee in South Lake Tahoe California

Photo by: Local Freshies

Do you want to get the deal but don’t have a team or enough friends to make a full team of your own? We created a Facebook group to help folks out. Meet new people and find fellow runners for the 2022 race!

View Lake Tahoe Relay Facebook Group Page

Read the full article to learn about the Lake Tahoe Relay Facebook Group

Thanks again to all of you who support this event year after year and for allowing us to host it. We look forward to the 58th DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay on Saturday, June 11th, 2022.

– The Race Crew (The Sweeneys)