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Nordic skiing has a lot in common with running from its fundamental strides in a forward-moving plane to the similar running-type cadence. So, when we heard that the 5th annual Operation Rebound Nordic Challenge was happening again, we felt like we were reuniting with our winter sibling.

What Is Operation Rebound Nordic Challenge Weekend About?

It’s a chance for veterans and active military to spend a weekend in the Lake Tahoe area. An opportunity for those who have served to reconnect with fellow vets from past and present conflicts. It’s also a place for first responders and rehabilitation personnel from the past to meet in a healthy and supportive place far from the battlefield.

What about us non-military folks? How can we help?

It’s not called the “Nordic Challenge” for nothing. The weekend’s star is the race. Who doesn’t love a great fundraiser? This race is a way to raise winter competition money for Operation Rebound athletes and fulfill the OR Motto of “Going from the Frontline to the Finish line.” The ultimate goal? To provide adaptive rehabilitative activities for wounded vets and first responders who have been seriously injured in the line of duty. All you need to do is make a $50 donation to Operation Rebound and you’re entered into the race. Once signed up, you’ll climb 1,200 vertical feet to the top of Grandview and then down to the ski school bell. That’s over five miles all for an amazing cause!

Event Dates:

Saturday March 21st

To learn more, go here:

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