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As you may remember, last year was a challenging one for Lake Tahoe and the DeCelle Memorial Relay Race overall. The Caldor Fire came eerily close to South Lake Tahoe and the Dixie Fire created a blanket of smoke that lasted for what seemed like forever. As eternal optimists, we tried to get the permits to run it in the Fall of 2021, but it was to no avail. And that’s why this year’s running of the 2022 Relay will mean much more than any year before. A bit of normalcy after a few tough years.

Still A Beacon Of Light

2021 Lake Tahoe Relay Veterans

Photo by: Jim Cahill

We know what you’re thinking… what happened in 2021? We couldn’t just let a year slip by. This wasn’t just another race but a tradition. The LONGEST running relay race in America. Like the Marines motto of “no man left behind”, Jim Cahill took it upon himself to wrangle a team of veterans to race. The five participants to run it included John Power – a local vet, Nico Marco Longo – Operation Rebound founder and director, Barry McCowen – VA Nurse and Operation Rebound Athlete, Karen Wylie-Norwood – Ponderosa Track coach and her daughter.

The Baton Was Passed In 2020 As Well

2020 DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay Runners

Jessica Sime and Tom Reed, Leg 3 and Leg 6 for the 2020 running of the race

Even in 2020 during the pandemic when we couldn’t host the event, a team of local high school runners took it upon themselves to run just like when Robert E DeCelle Jr and his team did it the first time. It wasn’t just a run either. It became bigger than that. A fundraiser to help the five El Dorado High School cross country teams survive the pandemic since all their budgets dried up. This race especially made us emotional as a blind Marine representing Operation Rebound ran the final leg from Emerald Bay to the finish line.

Re-Lighting The Torch

The last few years have shown us this isn’t just a race. The Relay is a tradition. Symbolic of our fallen soldiers. It brings together people from around the world. You all are family to us. And so, we can’t tell you how excited we are to once again be hosting the DeCelle Memorial Lake Tahoe Relay. It feels like Christmas… but in June! Like our past events, the list of competitors signed up that will be running around the lake are from all over the US. AND you get to enjoy a cold refreshing beer with us at the end.

Still Supporting The Troops – Operation Rebound

Operation Rebound

Photo by: Scott Leason

We are once again glad to announce a partnership with Operation Rebound and love supporting the organization that helps to rehabilitate veterans and first responders. In fact, for 2022 will be hosting several veterans using adaptive equipment racing from Camp Richardson to Lakeview Commons. You can donate to either Operation Rebound or South Tahoe High School Cross Country, Nordic, or Track Team by emailing us directly or visiting the Operation Rebound site.

For those running this race, we can’t wait to see you. And those of you who that haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to do so by visiting our registration page.